We are proud to offer a wide breadth of construction, installation and renovation services for our customers. Custom furniture and decor is our forte. I’m often a little baffled when I’m asked what kind of stuff we make here at F4 Woodworks and I usually end up saying, “Well, everything”.

Cabinetry? Check.
Dining set? You got it.
Solid wood chess board? My pleasure!
Carved wood salad bowl? That’ll be fun!
Ceiling beams? Fireplace mantle and surround? Built-ins? Stair rails and treads? Custom closet system? Abstract sculpture? Boat trim? Window sills? Entry doors? Etc, etc, etc.

If it can be made of wood, we can help you with it! Whether you have a solid concept already with reference images or a wisp of an idea, let’s have some coffee and figure it out (or you can just shoot us a message to get the ball rolling if that’s your preference!).

Our Services

We are a custom woodworking company based in Orlando, Florida and serving the Central Florida area. We produce furniture, cabinetry and other interior and exterior design items of any complexity according to each customer’s specific needs. Tabletops, bookshelves, dining sets, built-ins, wardrobes, stairs, chests, headboards and footboards, doors, countertops, small and large sculptures, partitions, racks, river tables, benches–whatever the project, we will work to satisfy you with the highest quality of production. Our shop also offers limited milling services, if that’s all you need!


We delight in the painstaking design and craftsmanship of one-of-a-kind fine furniture pieces for our clients! No matter your need--whether you are looking for minimal or extravagant--we will be there every step of the way to help make your vision for your space a fabulous reality.


Wood is beautiful, but it takes hard work to keep it looking good! We can give your cherished pieces the loving care they deserve! We strive to preserve historical and sentimental authenticity while reviving the original splendor of your treasures.


Not only do we specialize in furniture, but we can lend your home or business instant refinement through our completely original hand-crafted wood sculptures and decor. Whether you would like something customized to fit your particular space or to purchase one of our in-stock pieces, we are excited to go above and beyond to meet your needs!

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